Alexa Callanta

Alexa Callanta

Hello online world!

My name is Alexa, call me Alexa for short. (Yes, I have a very short first name... I've always wanted Alexandra or Alessandra but then all I got was an Alexa) I am a Filipino but I've always wanted to be a little bit more foreign and exotic like an Israeli or an Arabian but then, I am a Filipino and I am very proud of it (because we are exotic to other races) Did you notice how I use the phrase, "I've always wanted" so much? Well, I did... I always want so many things. I want this and that, I am never content... So here are the things that I want...

I want to be thin... Or at least 10 pounds lighter.

I want to learn Arabic or Japanese or any other eccentric language.

I also want to be famous.

Well, okay I really don't want so much things because I believe that I have an amazing life. And you will learn more about my life because you are on my page! Yay for you! Enjoy!