Christina Alexa

Christina Alexa is the owner of Santosha Yoga and Wellness and the Abhyasa Yoga Institute. She is certified at the 250 hour level in Amrit Yoga and at the 500 hour level within the disciplines of Integrated Yoga Levels I and II, Resonance Yoga and Movement. Christina also holds certification in a 5 year intensive Resonance Healing Therapy program, an immersion in healing and energy medicine. She is an Intuitive Healing Therapist, a Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition, a Keeper of the Lodge (sweat lodge). Christina has also studied Anatomy and Cranio Sacral work with International Teacher Ellen Heed and Vinyasa Yoga with Rolf Gates.

At the age of 15 Christina began studying yoga in a quest for personal growth, healing and spiritual connection. Self taught for several years, she began more formal training at the age of 19 and spent the next 21 years in deep devotional service and self-study. Throughout this time Christina received several initiations by master teachers and healers of both the elemental/shamanic traditions as well as the yogic lineage. Christina has been sharing these practices through teaching and healing work for over 16 years, and draws from 28 years of personal healing and practice in her work.

Christina dedicates her time to running Santosha Yoga and Wellness as well as her yoga school, The Abhyasa Yoga Institue for which she is the lead trainer. Christina also offers private healing sessions, private chakra readings, private yoga sessions, classes and numerous workshops on a variety of topics. In her “spare” time Christina enjoys writing articles and essays and is currently completing her Undergraduate degree in Non-Fiction Writing.