Alexa Duchesneau

Puffer's Pond

I am a sohpomore majoring in Operations and Information Management at the the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. My time in Isenberg is divided between IT classes, networking, outreach and exploring clubs. While focusing on school is my primary objective, I believe in the value of diverstiy.

I diversify my days with community service, sketching, piano playing, reading etc, but my primary passion is dance. Dancing seven days a week breaks up each day with an energy endorsing, breathtaking activity that acts as a release from the daily grind. As a competitive dancer I gain a sense of teamwork and unity. Everyday each member of the team improves, welcomes criticism and supports other team members. The team building skills I have gained from dancing in a company will translate well to my future business career. I will collaborate well with coworkers and clients, and I will be an encouraging employee.

Dace has also taught me a sense of discipline. I learn control in ballet, which keeps me grounded in all aspects of life. Improving in dance through control has taught me that anything is possible if done with care and patience.

I will bring these dance lessons and more into the workplace and throughout a lifetime. I hope to join the Peace Corps after graduation. Teamwork with coworkers, citizens and employers will be a useful and necessary skill. I will use the discipline I have learned in dance to be calm in stressful situations and to work through challenges slowly to recieve a positive end goal.

After joining the Peace Corps I hope to start a nonprofit organization. Teamwork will build a bond between myself and employees as well as create a positive workspace. The discipline I have learned will make the distinction between a workplace and a "hang out". While being an understanding boss, I will also remain professional and in control.

Hopefully I can incorporate dance into my future nonprofit career; but regardless, the lessons I have learned from dance will stick with me forever.

  • Work
    • Intern at the American Diabetes Association
  • Education
    • Operations Management at The Isenberg School of Management