Alexa Ferrari

Miami Fl

Creative, Honest, dynamic, and artistic are some of the qualities Alexa Ferrari posses. She has now evolved into becoming the writer and composer of her tracks. Her music has a fresh and innovative vibe, which has led her to collaborate with other international talents. Alexa has explored all of her artistic capabilities by working as a producer and editor for her own musical videos.
At a very young age she is recognized as one of the biggest emerging talents in Latin Pop in the pop urban market.
This earned reputation, has led her to be the image for several international brands like Pepsi Co, PUMA and Carrion Department Stores. In addition, Alexa has had the opportunity to interact on stage with several big artists like: Marc Anthony, Fanny Lu, RBD, Reik, JenCarlos Canela, Kumbia Kings, Olga Tañon, Ricky Martin, Rakim & Ken-Y, HA-ASH.
In the year 2011, Alexa won “Album of the Year” for her first album “Incontrolable”“Best Artist of the year”, “Best Video of the Year”, and lastly “Best Song of the Year” for two consecutive years in the XTRA awards in Honduras.
Alexa has had the privilege to record with highly recognized producers and artists in the Latin Music Industry.
With this, Alexa is working on the release of her new album and perfume line “Incontrolable” by Alexa Ferrari.
With all of her accomplishments in such a young age Alexa has earned a reputation in her country as a young artist and entrepreneur and most importantly as a role model for many young aspiring rising talents.

  • Work
    • Corporacion Televicentro & EmisorasUnidas Honduras
  • Education
    • Entertainment Business Bachelor's Degree of Science