Alex Ahren

A velvet jackhammer. A dove with attitude. A runaway fractal. The melting of a diamond. The rippling of a frozen pond. Any one of these might describe the music of Alex Ahren but can’t quite.

Alex was born and bred beneath the sun starved overcast skies of the steel belt in Cleveland, Ohio. There, the rhythm of the seasons, the hectic and the humdrum of suburban life as well as the clattering of freight trains rolling by had a pronounced impact on her, turning her head, at an early age, toward art, poetry, dance and theater.

With the intensity of a laser beam, all of these passions have become focused into her music. Her heart-felt gritty lyricism, sparse yet lusty finger picking guitar style and the lilt of her indie influenced operatic voice can’t help but take one on a wild and wonderful roller coaster ride through a mine field of sounds and emotions.

Alex is forever creating, plucking ideas and inspiration from whatever is at hand; giving rise to material that is poignant, witty, biting and profound.

Look for Alex to be among future luminaries in the expanding cosmos of the indie folk pop rock genre.

But for now look for her darting in and out of the sunlight, shadow and rust.