Alexa Simone Lazerow

Welcome to my site!

Here's a little introduction on me:

My name is Alexa (pretty obvious from the huge bold words above!) and this is my page. I am a Towson University Mass Communications- Journalism major with an Electronic Media and Film minor. My goal in life is to be a top TV broadcaster and journalist. I love being intune with the world around me, reading the news, and of course my favorite hobby, traveling.

I am Jewish, British, South African and Lithuanian. My love of traveling has been engrained in me from my mom! Whenever I get a break from school or working- I am traveling! My favorite place in the entire world is Israel.

Other places that are on the top of my list are Vancouver, Aruba, Cancun and The Bahamas! I continue to travel and go on amazing adventures for the rest of my life.

Life is too short to not do what you love, be with the people you love and enjoy ever day. I believe that everything truly does happen for a reason.

I am an identical twin (I'm one minute older) and the middle child out of three. My twin, brother and I are extremely close! I love my family and we stick together.

Besides traveling I love dancing, working out and fashion! I love dressing up, looking good and being a little fashion diva!

After Towson, I hope and plan on going to graduate school at The University of Maryland for Journalism. After that my career in broadcasting begins!

I have two dogs- a puggle(Nike) and a samoyed (Max) who I love with all my heart!

Heres my email if you want to get in contact with me:

Take a look at my resume!

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