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Alex Alex Alex Alex

United Kingdom

I am an applied scientist who bridges together several fields into the one. I am very interested in different areas within bioinformatics, from genomic assemblies to the downstream phenotypes, creating complex genome maps by linking upstream genome sequence data to the cellular processes, elucidating the different mechanisms to better understand the biology.

30/08/2014: I am looking for a bioinformatics job, please contact me if you have any positions available -

Programming: I am now predominantly a python programmer, but also have some experience with perl, R and shell scripting.

Operating Systems - Linux (biolinux, centos, fedora, ubuntu) and OSX.

Interests - Creativity, equality and openness are very important to me.

Hobbies - Bootsales, comics, crochet, digital art, gaming, lego, photography, sci-fi, teetotalism, twitter, upcycling and virtual conferencing.

Links - twitter, soundcloud

  • Work
    • Bioinformatician
  • Education
    • HND, BSc, MSc, PhD