Alexander Anderson

Cancer is a complex, multiscale process, in which genetic mutations occurring at a subcellular level manifest themselves as functional changes at the cellular and tissue scale. We believe that such a complex system can only truly be understood via the integration of theory and experiments. Therefore my Lab is focused on integrating mathematical and computational modeling approaches with experimental and clinical data to better understand cancer growth and development and translate this understanding into novel therapies. We utilize a suite of compuational and mathematical approaches but have a focus on single cell based models. Tumor Heterogeneity, homeostasis, evolution, ecology, microenvironment and drug resistance are all active areas of research. We believe models should be predictive, mechanistic and as simple as possible and critically produce testible hypotheses. For more details please visit my website:

I also have a great interest in music, photography, food and last but by no means least, beer. I only really tweet and g+ about science.