Hello, my name is Alex!

Bundanoon NSW Australia

I am quite the curious type; I have avid obsession with pursuing, experiencing and learning new things. I'm an adept cook, an average guitarist, beginner photographer and have even tried my hands (and feet) in martial arts plus much more! My true passion however lays in creativity; my aspiration is to construct effects that bring something new to the world so people can get that same amazing feeling I do whenever I experience something for the very first time. Most importantly however, I aspire to have my creations help the world become a more positive dynamic place.

In 2012 after Highschool during my gap year before heading off to university I worked my very first full time job as a laborer at a Timber Mill. It was a job that I absolutely hated; the only thing I liked about it was the paycheck I received at the end of the day. Although it was here I discovered a valuable lesson: I realised that a full time job/career is a commitment that should represent my life, be something that revolved around my passions and life ambitions rather than a paycheck; I had finally realised the unimportants of money in life and decided to find a career accordingly. So I gathered my resources and applied for various university degrees that seemed interesting to me.

By chance the first offer of acceptance I received was for advertising at CSU Bathurst. I did not know a whole lot about advertising at the time however it had always intrigued me. So out of pure curiosity I packed my bags and left home for university in 2013 whilst keeping in mind I could always change paths if I was not happy. It has been almost two years since then, and it turns out a career in advertising may be the best decision I have made in my life. it challenges me, drives me to get out of bed every morning and most importantly allows me to explore my creative eclectic personality.

  • Work
    • Advertising Student at CSU Bathurst
  • Education
    • In the Midst of a Bachelor of Advertising