Alexander R. Cain

Author, Educator, Former Attorney, Historian in Boston, Massachusetts

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Alexander R. Cain is an educator, writer and historian. He graduated from Merrimack College with a degree in economics and New England School of Law with a juris doctrate. He frequently lectures on historical issues and developments in the United States. He also developed a wide array of educational and training programs for college and high school students in the areas of political science and social studies. For over the past two decades he was an instructor at Merrimack College, Northeastern University, Mount Ida College and several other schools. He guided hundreds of high school and college level students in the areas of criminal justice, constitutional issues, forensic investigations, American history, government and criminology. Alexander R. Cain is considered one of the leading experts on the role of Massachusetts and New England in the American Revolution. He has authored two books and numerous articles on the War for Independence. He was one of the contributors to the Journal of the American Revolution’s 2016 Teacher’s Guide. He frequently lecture on a variety of topics relevant to American History. Alexander has been an instructor at several historical sites including Minute Man National Park, Adams National Park, the Lexington Historical Society, Buttonwood Museum and Fort Ticonderoga. He has also been a guest speaker at countless schools, veteran groups and historical organizations. His lectures include a variety of topics, including the American Revolution, the American Civil War, the Great Depression, immigration, civil rights, archaeology and the importance of material culture. His two books are: "We Stood Our Ground: Lexington in the First Year of the American Revolution (2nd Edition)" and "I See Nothing but the Horrors of a Civil War".

He is currently working on two battlefield preservation projects in Northeastern Massachusetts and is researching the 1708 "Bloody Sunday" Raid of Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Alexander R. Cain resides in Massachusetts with his wife and two children.