Alexander Cembalisty

Amherst, Massachusetts

Hello all!

"You Brand"

My name is Alex Cembalisty, I'm a third year Turfgrass Science & Management student pursuing a bachelors degree of science, from the University of Massachusetts Amherst; Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Just a few years back a found a passion for being outside with nature working in the green industry. In this I found that creating what I took so much pride in was easier than I thought. With this I took my yard into my own hands as my mother didn’t have enough time to keep up to the never ending changes of New England, and created it to my work. Being outside working with the soil and hearing the life of nature along the waterfront of my house was what really created this my passion. Hearing passbyers says what a great job I've done was just a token of why this is my passion.

Now being here a junior in college trying to complete a bachelors degree of science it’s really evident that being inside is a chalengnagle, but one that I have come to understand what my life long goals are. I would like to finish my studies here at UMass and move on to work somewhere where my passion can continue. That’s if it’s on a golf course trying to reach a Superintendents position or if that’s continuing my small business of landscaping back at home still seems to be a question I ask myself today. I know that I am heading the way I want to but the path still seems to be a little unknown.

Family, friends, and loved ones I really could have not reached my point today without your help and I give you all the greatest appreciation and respect for doing so day in and day out of every day that I seem to wake up to again and again.

  • Work
    • University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Education
    • Dighton- Rehoboth Regional High
    • Stockbridge School of Agriculture
    • University of Massachusetts Amherst