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Alexander Elite Martinez

Los Angeles, California u.s.A.

Elite is an entrepreneur that was self-taught until he met great mentors, which transformed his life. He Loves life, loves helping giving and showing many across the world that there is so much out in life than to be mistreated, abused, emotionally broken and battered. To laugh and be sad no more, so he loves to speak, to encourage, motivate and inspire many from youth to the elderly. Elite is a big dreamer, with a huge heart. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make his philanthropy come to life. As of which all involve making this world a better place. A very creative man indeed, at the age of eight years old he learned that writing was a source of venting. He utilized writing for many things till this day.

Along the time that has passed, Elite has definitely learned many things that he shouldn't have or been even close to exposed to. Life goes on and no doubt he is still with us today. Being an entreprenuer, His learning process was to overcome a lot of mistakes. Elite since then has really paid attention to what he wanted in life, figured out what he was born to do which is study, to write, to learn and to communicate.

Elite's principal function in life is to receive and to give verbal as well as written information. He is a collaborative spirit and enjoys to unite people, to sponsor businesses, to create solutions, and teach. Many see him as a quiet, agreeable, sweet and attractive person. He tends to move efficiently at his own pace. Elite Overcomes difficulties or tense and uncomfortable situations, and seeks to surround himself with people and situations that offer stability and harmony. Elite Is very persevering in his objectives and has a realistic vision of the material world.

Elite wants to achieve a good standard of living, he is very industrious, constant and loyal; his artistic ability, good taste and aesthetic sense will be exhibited in his work. The profession he chose has encouraged his desire to find harmony, economic stability, and possibilities for artistic or creative expressions.

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