Alexander Federico

Weighing in at over 300lbs 2 years ago, one morning I woke up and said, “I will not live like this anymore!” And so began my quest for a healthy lifestyle! Having battled with food addiction and obesity for my entire life I knew the traditional approach of workout at the gym and diet would not work for the long haul.

I needed to drastically change my lifestyle and that’s exactly what I did.

Almost two years later I now can say I am in the best shape of my life!! Down over 120lbs my energy levels have never been so high. I have become more successful in all aspects of my life and continue to amaze my peers and myself every day. People literally ask me everyday how I did it, my response to them is simple, “I CONTINUE to do it one day at a time!” Yes I have found Crossfit, a fitness program that I am so passionate about and have a support team around me that will always push me to new limits and never let me quit! Yes I have taken my love affair with food to a whole new Nutritious & Delicious level! Yes I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is want to make my body feel good!! Yes I tell myself everyday I will be better then yesterday!!! And YES I have one of the most positive attitudes on all things worth living!!!!

I am an extremely passionate person with out passion I would have never been able to make it as far as i did. I am a passionate crossfitter!! I am a passionate Food enthusiasts!!! I am a passionate business owner!! And now more then ever I am passionate about helping people change their lives and do what I have done!!! So please follow me as I post my one of a kind nutritious & delicious daily recipes as well as some other cool shit to keep you inspired and motivated along the way!!! Nobody knows how hard it is to undergo a transformation of this size more then me so please use this blog as a resource and feel free to drop me an email or post a comment and I will gladly give advice or motivation or whatever else you need to begin/continue on your way to ultimate wellness!!!