Alexander Goodman


Hi! My name (by law) is Alexander but please for the love of God call me Alex. It's shorter and we all would feel much more comfortable if you did. (But not Al. That's to short)

I've grown up moving from one end of the country to the other. Born on the west coast in California, moved through the middle to Colorado and Chicago, then to the east In Connecticut and back to the middle again for a stay in Ohio. I am now pleased to say I live in Chicago again, pursuing Acting.

I completed my B.F.A. in Acting at Wright State University (cool place, check it out) and I am now preparing for the next step of my journey. I expect great things for myself and hopefully I can make them happen.

I currently work as a Assistant Processor at a Mortgage firm. It pays the bills and I like who I work with. You can't ask for much more.

This isn't so much a bio, as it is a "where I am" type thing. I figure if you are really interested enough you'd contact me and we could have a formal discussion concerning who I am and hopefully who you are, because I love getting to know new people. Let's see what happens.

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    • Perl Mortgage
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    • B.F.A. in Acting