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Alexander Leon Cruz

Freedom, California

I´m a Cabrillo Stage performer dedicated to the art of live performance. I see in performance the potential of unlocking the universe´s most expansive and controversial paint brush - the human spirit. It´s my wish that performance be appreciated as, one wise man once said to me, the medium for wide-spread catharsis. Theatre may be an art that is exhibited at the moment, impermament like everything else in this dimension, but it is the passion for those whom know that this is only but a dimension of reality. My beliefs are really out there, and I like to believe that the only restraints to experiencing the world are the one´s we´ve foolishly given ourselves to make this hell of a society "work".

  • Work
    • Personal Home Caregiver
  • Education
    • The American School Foundation of Guadalajara, A.C.
    • Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA
    • Cabrillo College