Alexander Madani

Software Engineer in California

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Hello dear Reader. Thank you for visiting my page, and I hope you will enjoy reading a little bit about my life. Its not easy to summarize and capture all aspects of one's personality and life in a few paragraphs, but I will give a very general overview or Gist of who I am.

As a little background, I can tell you that I have been a Software Developer and IT Technologist for well over 20 years now. I have developed products for both the Web as well as the PC. As a young man, I began teaching myself programming (a.k.a. coding) at the age of 11. My very first PC Games and screen savers were written in the Basic Programming Language, and became installed and enjoyed by all my friends in school and nearby family. I had the inspiration and support of a lot of really bright and talented kids while I was growing up .... so I was very fortunate and grateful to have had the kinds of peers that encouraged me to "play around" and gain exposure and skills with Software Development at the dawn of the modern day Personal Computer (which eventually gave rise to Laptops, Ultra-Books etc...) I still recall how my favorite tools, software and technologies were often times the ones that were EZ to use :)

Some of My hobbies to this day include: playing lots of Chess, Reading, playing and listening to Music, Occasional Painting (Art), and most of all, learning more about emerging software technologies and platforms (whether on the Web, or for Windows Operating System, or Android).

I do hold a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the prestigious Engineering department at the University of California at Davis (U.C.D) where I graduate many years ago.

From what I recall back in my Struggling Student Days as an undergraduate (studying rigorous engineering and math courses, along with an extremely Hectic schedule working and dealing with School schedule at the same time), I always wished there was technology to make my life EZ. But it was not until the invention of Smartphones, and many years of hard work, that I would develop an App to help the world to easily combat the rigorous demands of Work, Life, and Mobility needs. I appropriately named my Android Software that solves such organizing needs:

EZ Notes - Fast Organizer

I am extremely proud of my supporters for understanding and appreciating how much work I poured into this Invention, and now you too can taste our technology for yourself and benefit.

Sincerely yours

Alexander Madani

Developer of: EZ Notes - Fast Organizer