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Alexander Murray

Developing strategies that drive growth and brand awareness in the digital age is a daunting challenge, requiring a combination of skills not common in most sales individuals. My name is Alex Murray and I have successfully demonstrated my mastery of those skills. In case you’re not aware of the kind of skills required here are a few of them: Strategic Business Planning New Business Development Key Account Management Brand Management Digital Media Planning Market Development Competitive Strategies Customer Retention Revenue & Profit Growth Training & Development Strategic Partnerships Contract Negotiations I have adapted quickly to a constantly changing environment with the advent of digital media marketing and all of its aspects requiring keeping one foot in the past and another leaping forward. My successes in traditional radio advertising as well as the digital arena are evidence of how I integrate basic sales approaches with the new capabilities that are now so prevalent. The process really starts with caring about my client’s success not mine. Sometimes that requires finding the courage to go back to my organization and insisting that we change our approach to accommodate the client’s needs. As a result, my clients are loyal to me and often provide me referrals to new clients. The 250% sales growth I achieved over a 3 year period and the $400K transaction I closed is clear evidence that this philosophy works. This is a very exciting time for media marketing and I love what I do. I enjoy sharing my ideas with my fellow coworkers and management and often find myself responsible for the training of new sales personnel. I am on LinkedIn to strengthen business relations and make new connections. Please feel free to connect with me!