Alexander Sarras


I am a physicist by profession - educated at the Alma Mater Rudolphina Vindobonensis - with a corresponding mindset. Meaning I tend to question things.

After I spent about a decade after graduation working at that same university, I left- admittedly for purely financial reasons - to work as a cryptographic and security expert for an IT & Telecoms company. Several years later, the opportunity to work as a physicist again presented itself and so I now work for the goverment in Armaments and Military Technology.

I am also a misanthrope and stand by it. Jokingly I use the phrase "I'm a racist." for that. Allthough I do not expect that the majority of readers understand the equation

misanthrope = racist

I'm also allergic. Especially concerning stupidity. That's why I'm also the proud owner of a baseball bat ...