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Alexandr Babikov

I'm Alexander Babikov. I'm from Russia. I'm friendly. I'm a caring friend, because my friends is very important for me. I'm a student of North Broward Prep School. I'm responsible for my actions and words. I'm a good soccer player. I'v been playing soccer for six years, and for this six years that i'm playing soccer i have won ten gold medals. I'm playing for school soccer team. I'm interested in, soccer, music and traveling. I'm the oldest brother in my family. I'm good at piano.

I like to do every thing by my self. I like to ski, i'v been ski for many years. I'm also a very talented in sport, because i can play any sports that i never played before. I'm also can speak on three languages, English, Russian, and Ukrainian. For my fifteen years of life i have been in all Europe and Asia. My favorite place in the Europe is Austria, because i love winter, and i love to ski.