Alexander Lee

Hello. I am currently a high-school student.

But I'm already a composer, photographer, artist, investor, and writer. I also have an unyielding interest in 3D modeling, architecture, space exploration, and science communication.

As a composer, I've written a few pieces (which can be found on my YouTube Channel). As a writer, I've written half a book. As an aspiring 3D modeler and architectural designer, I've modeled our school in a more contemporary fashion (but no one wants to see it).

In the near future, I'd like to delve into the stock market and become a serious investor, and hopefully retire early to finish composing and writing like I've always wanted to.

Yes, I know, my accomplishments don't stretch very far. And my plans aren't very specific either, but I'm only in high school, so check out the work I've already accomplished and perhaps you'll find something compelling... Good luck!

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