Alexander Ross

Writer, Project Manager, and Consultant in Fullerton, California

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Currently a Cal State Fullerton student with a focus in Marketing. I have work experience in the Action Sports industry, sales, customer service, social networking, public speaking, public relations, leadership, and online marketing.
I am a hardworking, motivated, loyal, and creative person. I love to handle problems and new situations. I am always up for a challenge and love overcoming obstacles. I work well in groups both large and small; but, I am also capable of working solo. I do everything to my best ability striving to better myself as both a person, as well as, an employee.
I currently work as an intern at Quiksilver in the PR/Retail-marketing/Roxy Sales department. It is a very fun job with many challenges. While Working in the PR department I have, updated the PR blog, taken inventory, sent out apparel to clients, and updated the tracking spreadsheets that keep track of where the Quiksilver products, brand and athletes have been published. In the Retail-marketing department I organized and shipped Point of Purchase (POP) products. I aided in preparing clothing for photo shoots. At Roxy Sales I helped prepare for trade shows and marketing meetings. I aided in CADing products for sales meetings. Additionally I gained experience with the retail line by preparing the product line for multiple seasons.
At Eclectic I work with a small team to satisfy online orders. I maintain the companies web shop and am currently improving and gaining experience with social networking and the company’s online presence.
At Romano's Macaroni Grill I work as a team to fulfill customers needs and wants. This allows them to have a enjoyable experience while dinning with us. I use a variety of tools to accomplish this task. I problem solve, engage in social conversation, and cater to individual table needs.
At Hot Topic, I opened and closed the store, managed inventory, handled cash, ran daily operations, developed store layouts, and worked with employees/ customers.

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