Alexander Sallahian

Rockland County, New York

My name is Alexander Sallahian and I am a recent graduate from Binghamton University that has an interest in film and advertising. I am interested being a production assistant or an administrative assistant.

I am a very detailed and hard working individual that also has a passion of creativity that has no bounds. I have had multiple experiences in casting, post production, transcribing, and office coordinating as an assistant with strong feedback from my mentors.

Some of my credits include studio productions for Physique 57's workout videos, pilot episode for a future Bravo series called City Sisters, and various web-based medical programs.

Experiences at Binghamton University, my undergrad college, added to my collection of skills by giving me useful knowledge of business processes. Internships allowed me to explore my interests and practice skills like market research, social media campaigns, brand management, and negotiations.

I am also a street team member of the organization, Spartan Race. I do digital marketing and recruiting for them. In addition, I volunteer at these races in order to conduct surveys to find out how to better the organization.

Film and healthy living consumes a large majority of my life but it is my passion so I am always in a good mode, no matter what I do.

  • Work
    • Production Central
  • Education
    • Binghamton University, School of Management