Alexander Silva

I thought about what I am passionate about, and there is nothing that I get excited about just talking about it. That is what makes me different from a lot of people but then when I thought about it, I am really passionate about my bucket list. I am always trying new things and I try them once and then I move on, but that itself I realized is my passion. I have never been a glutton for any particular activity, but I am always trying to add a new experience just to say I did it. Every summer I try to get two major events in my life. Two summers ago, I climbed a mountain and went cliff diving. Last summer I went skydiving and got scuba certified. This summer I am leaving the country for the first time and going to France, and am going white water rafting at the end of the summer. Will I ever do any of these things again, probably not, there is too much to do and I am not going to be young forever.

I am always looking for the next great thing, and will be the first to admit that I have a low attention span, but I also think that is what motivates me to get these new things done, because if I don't do things spontaneously, then I forget about them and they don't happen. It also doesn't give me to much time to second guess my choices and I have been able to get many more experiences because of it . I have also been blessed with a great memory and most of these events that I am so proud of feel like they happened yesterday.

All in all I want to be able to be old and grey and just say, " I ran out of things to try." The list of cool things I did will shame my kids and grandkids and inspire them to live cool lives and have varied experiences. I just want to be fulfilled and have a minimal list of things I didn't do that I wanted to. As we get older who knows what our lives will be like, so it is best to enjoy the now!