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Alexander George Tanaskidis - Lampousnakis


Tanaskidis George - Alexander, was born in 1983 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Owner of the Ayn Rand Political Studies diploma in Ayn Rand Irvin California University. Diploma owner of the AKMI and American Metropolitan Institute and College in Journalism Studies.

In November 2003, he was awarded First Prize with a Silver Medal for his poem referring to the Centennial of the Greek Martial Aviation. The November of the same year, in the 5th International panorama of Independent Film-makers he was awarded with a commemorative diploma for his entry with a short cut documentary. In October 2004, he was selected from ESU (European Students' Union) and the Social Workers Organization to participate in the International Translating Association BABELS for the 3rd European Social Forum in London, England. In February 2005, he received his Silver Bowl and the Bronze Medallion for the 3rd International Prize Award in Coronado Spring Resort in Orlando, Fl. U.S.A. from the International Library of Poetry in the Spring Convention of Poetry for his participation in the International Poetic Collection "Eternal Portraits of 2004-2005".

In March 2005, he was included in the Special Encyclopedia of the North Greece's Poets and Litterateurs with awarded poems for the Centennial Publication dedicated to the most famous Poets. In May 2005 in Boston, he participated as an interpreter (English, German and French) in the I.S.T. (International Socialistic Turn) of the Global Youth and participated in several international congresses for the next 3 months all around the world with AIDS GLOBAL Organization promoting with Oxfam and Amnesty International the New Project "Make Poverty History".

From November to December 2006, he travelled to the Brussels, Poland, Amsterdam and Maastricht, Copenhagen, Sweden and Finland to promote his International Project for the "Architecture of the Ancient Greek Alphabet" with which he participated in Nobel Challenge Stockholm Award 2006 Congress in Stockholm, representing the only and one participation of Greece with the support of the Foreign Office and Educational Departments of Greek Universities.

In 2010 he edited an e-magazine, referring to Charity for Philanthropy, Arts&Culture, under He participates in Wall Street Journal Community as a columnist. Distinguished member of International Center for Journalists. Representative for Greece, in Demotix News Department.

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