Alexander Lopez

Hanover, New Hampshire

Alexander Lopez is a current junior at Dartmouth College. In his years as an undergraduate he has pursued a wide array of study focusing frquently on the human experience and its intrisnic relations to everyday life. A government major by declaration, Alex confines himself to no box. As an employee at the Dickey Center for International Understanding Alex collaborates with innovative thinkers in the organization and implementation of unique programs for students. A former Great Issues Scholar, Alex has served as a mentor to the program. Outside of school Alex has traveled to South Africa to work with developing communities in the pursuit of creating sustainable entrepreneurial ideas and companies. Alex has also worked for notable financial institutions and non profit organizations, including but not limited to Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and The United Way. Alex has served as an English as a Second Language teacher, a DREAM student mentor, and World Changers Volunteer. He is passionate about the world and the people in it. Writing, in the end has captured Alex's chief fascinations and continues to be the ceaselessly exhilirating hobby and passion that he practices daily.

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