Andre Alexander

Castries, Saint Lucia, West Indies

Managing Director
The Visitor channel
March 2005 – Present (9 years 5 months)

Many years ago I met an old sailor in Castries, that's the capital town of Saint Lucia. A wrinkled sun beaten older white guy, who seemed to have had his fair share of bad weather and tropical sun.

We got to chatting while waiting for the sudden downpour to stop, sheltering under the eve of a small shop. I mentioned to him that I was a marketing specialist, at the time handling the business of several local and regional companies. In those days I was still optimistic about change, believed in integrity of people and the inevitability of the ultimate triumph of good.

Then he said to me that he used to be in the marketing and advertising industry for years in the united states. However it eventually wore him down to the point where he could not stand to look another client in the face 'pitch' or 'convince' one more strategy or plan to make more money or sell more product. The work had lost its meaning and he had to escape.

What a cranky old dude... I thought.

Now I believe I know exactly how he felt. Looking for my sailboat.