Horrell Brothers

Quincy, FL

Alexander and Apollos both began to play baseball since the age of two. Apollos had more of a challenge because his older brother who is three years older was ahead in skill level; but that has worked to his advantage since he is one of the most advanced carcher's for his age in the North Florida Region.

They both have picked their favorite MLB team that one day will come after them. Alexander, who pitches, wants to play for the Texas Rangers (Nolan Ryan); and Apollos wants to play for Los Angeles Dodgers. They both want to play for Florida State University first!

Alexander was moved up a grade when he was in the school system and two years ago we pulled them both to Homeschool them and give them more time to practice the sport they love. They are donig so well academically (ABEKA ACADEMY) that both are ahead of their grade level. They practice Baseball anywhere from 2 to 5 hours a day, and don't seem to get enough!

Both Alexander and Apollos have been tought to do their very best, to encourage those around that need their help to get better, and to always rely on God for everything.