Alexander Bebis

Financial Advisor in the United States

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Alex has worked under the Prosperity Economics mindset for 8 years. He is an expert in cash value life insurance, and other alternative investments.

People come to Alex looking for other ways to grow their money without the risk of losing it in the stock market; help in creating a pool of capital they own and control, and to minimize taxes during their retirement.

His clients learn that current financial planning leaves money at risk, making them easier targets to wealth eroding factors like market loss, taxes, inflation, fees, and interest. Instead, their money avoids these factors by applying the 7 Principles of Prosperity.

Families have enjoyed working with Alex, learning how to be your own bank, and appreciate his knowledge in accumulating and preserving their hard earned dollars. By understanding how their personal economy works with the importance of control, liquidity, use, and equity (C.L.U.E.) they are able to take advantage of opportunities to increase their money supply and cash flow now, and in the future.

By maximizing every dollar, people see a positive difference and are able to enjoy a positive and happier lifestyle.