Alexander Christodoulakis

International Investment Executive in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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As CEO at PBS SA Capital Group and president of Portland Marine Group, Alexander Christodoulakis leads a group of holdings spanning equity and alternative markets across the globe. At PBS SA Capital Group, Alexander Christodoulakis designed ship financing and equity strategies designed to enable transportation asset growth. Alexander and his team also maintain diversified energy investments and have experience in the corporate and financial management spheres.

Alexander Christodoulakis began as an entrepreneur in the 1990s, reestablishing both Portland Shipping Co. and Portland Enterprises, which built on his grandfather’s industrial legacy. He subsequently moved into the financial engineering sphere and created pioneering strategies that enabled consistent returns. His success leveraged extensive experience with major funds and banks, as well as Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s top-rated institutions.

Alexander Christodoulakis subsequently established a reputation as an international financier as well as power-broker between countries, who enables diverse-complex transactions to go forward, including those involving government entities. His experience also previously extended to the clean-tech sector, including management of an extensive portfolio that was one of the largest worldwide in terms of megawatts of power generated.