Dr. Alexander Freudig

Consultant in Toronto, Kanada

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Hey there, I’m a psychologist and security abvisor in Toronto, ON - working for IAS Advisors (Revolvermänner of North America). I love spending my little leisure time together with my wonderful wife Eva, and I share my love for Krav Maga with my very talented son. Krav Maga helps me to focus and relax, it even lightens the heavy burden on my shoulders. I’m also interested in other martial arts and in photography. For the sake of my wife and our children we live some 35 miles north of Toronto in a quiet and safe neighbourhood.

Please contact me in professional matters only via www.security-advisor.org

I'm a member of the American Psychological Association (#00146788), the Canadian Positive Psychology Association, the USPA, a board member of the Psychology Academy (#AF6353GER) and a supporter of RANDnext.

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