Alexander Gauthier

Writer and Actor in Los Angeles, California

Having been born into a world littered with rhinestones and Jheri curls, Alexander Gauthier inadvertently learned at a tender age how imperative it was to stand out. Beginning as a hyperactive, borderline-malnourished Harry Potter look-alike recreating music videos in his front yard before transforming into an overly emotional metal vocalist with contradicting wardrobe pieces, he was off to a pretty decent start. Armed with an immensely alert and empathetic mind, a unique and positive disposition, and an insatiable thirst to express, explore and create, he eventually engaged himself in the art of storytelling in the forms of film and stage.

Alexander graduated from New York Film Academy, where he studied Acting for Film —something he discovered he had an affinity for from classes at C.P. Casting, Inc. in Boston. He took home his first acting award (Best Actor) in 2014 for his role in the dark comedy short, “Showing…” from the Portland, ME 48hr Film Project. Alexander obtained union eligibility by booking the role of 'Laird' in Lifetime's, " The Spirit of Christmas" (2015). Most recently, he took home 'Best Character Actor' for his performance in the short comedy, "Bleeped" from the 2016 Bentley Film Festival.

Alexander also dipped his toes on the other side of things since 2014, adding producing, screenwriting, casting and directing to his résumé. He is a producer with Boston-turned-L.A. indie film production company, Sensorium Pictures. He co-produced Top 20 short, "Whiskey Boys" for HBO’s, "Project Greenlight" in 2014, the Top 7 short, "Masque" for the 2015, "Storytellers: Twilight Saga" competition (also casting director), as well as his directorial debut, the short comedy, “Sain’t Anthony.” He is currently writing comedy sketches and co-developing a mini-series with Sensorium Pictures.

Dramatic roles that are appealing to Alexander are those that have something to discover, dissect, and understand; A character that has something to say and something to evoke in you whether it’s pleasant or not (think character types often portrayed by Ewan McGregor, James McAvoy, Casey Affleck, Elijah Wood or Andrew Garfield.) As for comedy… as long as it makes him laugh, he’s interested! Be it the straight man, the sarcastic guy, the moron or even some quirky character, Alexander is comfortable and enthusiastic all-around.

All the world’s a stage and he intends to dominate it. The stage, not the world. That sounds exhausting.

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