Alexander Gladney

Vice President and General Counsel in Trenton, New Jersey

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Alexander Gladney is Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at Capital Health, a leader in progressive, quality healthcare services. Specializing in corporate, real estate, contract, and voting rights law, Alexander is licensed to practice law in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Alexander has a broad legal background with a unique combination of contractual, information technology, transactional, and litigation legal experience.

Alexander Gladney's long career includes expertise he gained during his engagements as a legal consultant, a public advocate for the Executive Cabinet of New Jersey, successful general counsel, and finally his current role in an executive position.

Alexander Gladney is know for his ability to follow through on promises, lead complicated projects and produce results for his clients. Creative and deeply resourceful when it comes to achieving his clients' goals and delivering success, Alexander remains adept at working with the strict confines of the law and rigid guidelines laid by clients and their particular circumstances. He boasts a strong record in identifying ways to reduce risk and reducing legal expenses on behalf of his clients.

Capital Health is committed to providing comprehensive, quality healthcare services which improve and sustain the health status of the residents primarily in Central New Jersey and Lower Bucks County. They provide care of all kinds and at every level, from preventative efforts, to disease management and immediate medical intervention, to providing quality health-related education to the public. Through intelligent, compassionate care, Capital Health strives to be a leader of the local community.

A graduate of Georgetown University, Alexander Gladney holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Fine Arts. Following his undergraduate education, Alexander attended Temple University School of Law, earning his Juris Doctorate with a focus on Corporate Law. Currently, Alexander practices in New Jersey and lives in the greater New York area.

Alexander Gladney is also a committed philanthropist and strives to share his good fortune in every way available to him. Alexander worked very hard to earn his current position and achieve the success he now enjoys, but he is aware of the people who helped him to reach his goals along the way, and so he is always looking for ways to give back and help those around him.

Because of his extensive personal experience, Alex

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