Alexander Hansen

10 years experience in Hospitality in all possible food and beverage environments as a chef, waiter, bartender. All experienced in operational and supervisory roles. After completing BBA and Mcom in Marketing, I have two goals. I am prepared to work for an international company dealing with hospitality related business. I also look forward to develop deeper knowledge in online marketing. Combining strong interests for marketing and online marketing with professional all-round experience from hospitality; makes me the greatest asset for any hospitality related business wanting to grow and stay updated with change.


Marketing;Online Marketing; Social Media; Basic Web design, Branding. Hospitality;Food and beverage;hotel;cafe;brasserie;gourmet;events;5-star;4-star;chef;waiter;bartender;coordinator;planner General; People management, Service management, Performance management

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..more are to come as I am waiting for a proper online connection to connect to my hosting server. For all those situated in Australia, you know the price and deliverability:/

Anyway, Feel free to add me and follow me around to see how I am going to grow my career in Online marketing;)