Alexander Hernandez

Really enjoy making folks laugh.

I think of myself as a Renaissance man......but still working on being completely well rounded.

Recently, I have found myself out of school for the past three years.

I currently am a teacher assistant at a local school for the blind.

All I've ever wanted was to learn as much as I can in order to teach it to the next generation.

I feel all of us have a purpose, and mine is to teach.

I want to show the fun side to History and World Cultures.

I want to share my fascination of culture and social behavior during critical points in ancient history. I also share an affixed fascination for world religions.

I feel I have what it take to teach with an understanding that high schoolers will understand, I'm also sure I'll be able to integrate fun into the mix as well.

I love movies, and adore music.

Like I said I'm a Renaissance man, so I have a very broad task in both departments.

Movies and music both span the globe, so they both are one of the biggest keys to the sociology of the world and I have recognized and embraced it all in one scoop.

If you have movies that have changed your mind, altered your ideal. Then you know what I speak of and I would love to hear about it.

I have a love for the Giant Panda and all things that surround it, bamboo, bonsai, etc.

My favorite color is brown, it use to be green. My favorite superhero is and always will be The Green Lantern. Even before Ryan Reynolds slaughtered it.

I also just have a generally love for superheroes and the villains they confront, pretty simple I'm a good guy, I don't like bad guys.