Jerry Alexander


Alexander Jerry (born 25th junuary , 1961) is an American sailor, who work as chief sailor and chief in charge of the control room in UN CARGO SHIPPING AGENCY.[1] Alexander was the United States salior's Deputy Director of cargo goods during the sea delivery, and frequently briefed the media, which raised his public profile. also a business man,they deal with supply of chemical to companies and factories in all kind of chemical all over the world.

On Monday, February 11, 2013, the Pentagon stated that sen. John Brooks had nominated Alexander Jerry for promotion to General poster of the control poster box sector, bringing the U.N. Marine Pacific Command on par with the United States Pacific and both of which are currently led by UN cargo shipping commander [2] On March 5, 2013 the United States Senate confirmed the nomination.


Alexander Jerry born in Brazil, ALEXANDR grew up in an Army family in California, and his father Leo A ALEXANDER . Sr. and brother Leo A albert. ALEXANDER JERR Jr. were both Major Generals in the United States Army and they were all dealth in iqau war since 1986. he lost his wife [Agenes Godfrey] march 15 2008 in a gasly motor accident, he lost is wife and is single father of a lovely son , honest caring and loving man, He attended Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Virginia, for two years and then Jesuit High School California, and graduated with master degree. He attended the United States Marine Academy where he rose to the rank of chief sailor, the highest position He was a basketball player and he decided to follow his brother to West Point to study to become sailor. At West Point, an appointment that brought much public visibility at an early age in life.


having served the marine company for years now ALEXANDER JERRY , call for retirment, but the UN commander appeal to grant him retirement as soon the delivery contact between the company and the motor base company of india is clear, The company has agree to reward him handsomely for a faithful service render during the years...

he currently lives in DALLAS TEXAS, usa

he is a professional captain