Alexander Mee

Born in 1985, I spent my early years moving from place to place according to my Father's army career. I have lived across Britain, Germany and Australia. I moved to London for University, and am now approaching my seventh year here. I had the usual assortment of of short term retail, bar and customer service roles before and during University. Since leaving University, after a brief seasonal contract with Waterstones, I have been involved with Audio production and Management. I started as a producer for a small audio production company and found myself as manager. I spent three years running this company, seeking to enhance its reputation for quality and integrity, as well as growing the business. I left that role in Aprill 2011 and moved into another management role, this time of a Radio Station, Roundhouse Radio, based within The Roundhouse in North London. Although the job is a short term contract, I have thrown myself into it, trying to increase participation and encouraging originality. Young people, myself included, are very aware of the radio industry's realities, and we have made the Roundhouse a place where truly orignal and experimental programming can take place. We have also tried to make Roundhouse Radio a place for young people to be heard. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had this position with the Roundhouse, as I greatly admire the work that they do. It has shown me that what I most enjoy is aiding people to access, create and enjoy art and media. I have relished the managerial aspects of my role because I know that there is a direct beneficiary beyond the bottom line.