douglas matley

San Francisco, California, Usa

i was evicted 6 years ago in a stuidio apartment in the Castro after 17 years paying a whopping $676 a month, this apartment now goes for $2,500 a month. When I was evivted i lost my 6' Salvi harp, could not put in my pocket. i made my living playing harp in rtesturants hotels. the queen mary at a corp. party, and weddings. i was also thrown out of my russian orthdox christian church also in the Castro for being gay. Lost the three most imporant things in my life, religious community, harp and home. I live on SSI and live a signal room at a retirement hotel in the City, i may be 62, but most people are sent here to die, i am not ready to die yet, too many good years left, i hope. A special needs trust pays my rent at the hotel, single room, no bathroom, meals, $1,500 a month. the hotel buys cheap dated food from super- markets, probably poisoned with GMOs. i also burn in lust for gay male bodybuilders, would rather marry one.

  • Work
    • harpist
  • Education
    • BA in harp and music composition 1991