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Alexander LeKing

New York

Alexander LeKing is a professional international award winner photographer, offer wedding photography, beauty, celebrity, commercial, engagement, events, fashion, advertisement and magazine photography services. Born and raised in China, he works in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco nowadays and mainly serves clients from Hollywood, internationally renowned fashion magazines and advertising companies.

Alexander was enchanted to photography at the age of 21, when he bought an entry level DSLR camera just for fun but was then surprised by the beauty of the world through his lens. He soon switched to professional camera body and various lenses, and started a self-taught photography career.

The unique perspective and acute intuition makes human figures graceful in his images, which appear to be is florid with content and texture. His peculiar understanding of fashion endows stunningly affluent vitality. This thinking of life and aesthetics was transformed freely into creative work through his mature photographic technique and perception. This enables him to break out of the conventional commercial portraiture with an integration of an internal ego of every character in front of his camera. Shortly after cooperating with world brands, celebrities and model agencies, he gradually opens his path into fashion industry and develops partnership with primary stylists and designers from west coast.

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