Alexander Nestvogel

Iam Astrologer. I do Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology. I can offer Reiki too and I be teacher for Meditation Techniques like Tai Chi & Qi Gong.

Do you have questions about anything in youre life?? Love stucks?? Job is frustratating?? Marriage sucks?? Youre boyfriend or girlfriend behave strange??

I can help to figure it out through Astrology.

Astrology Advices in Vedic and Western, both kinds of Astrology give an Insight of youre life. Call me. Accurate Astrological Readings about Relationships (the whole package), Love, Marriage, Sex, Children, Education, Job, own Buisness & spiritual grown up.

Call me you wont regret it. I can to all youre questions give an Answer. Please have at hand, Birthday, time of birth (6:30 am) for example & place of birth - or no accurate chart (horoscope) reading is possible. And time should not more than approxmatily 2 hours range.

Why is that so?? Because it helps me and you to get faster results and an accurate and honest reading. Beside that its helpfully for me if its go deeper - for couple charts (that be 2 horoscopes to compare) for example.

Ich bin Astrologe, kann aber auch unterstützen durch Geistiges Heilen - Reiki. Zudem besitze ich eine Ausbildung zum Tai Chi und Qi Gong Trainer.

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