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Yoga, Fitness Instructor, and Teacher in Санкт-Петербург, Россия

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I was born in Russia in 1989. My mother was a school teacher. My father was an artist. I started to practice and study yoga in 2005. In the same year I started to study astronomy at Saint-Petersburg State University. In school I participated in different Astronomical Olympic Games. In 11th grade I won the 1st place in my city of Saint-Petersburg.

Gradually my interest in astronomy transformed into yoga. The science of exploring stars and galaxies turned into the science of self-exploration. Today I teach yoga at International Open Yoga University (IOYU).

I think in less than ten years yoga, English as the International language, mathematical precision, modern science, vedic ancient wisdom, cutting edge modern technology, perfect logic and pure unconditional love will merge into One Single Whole. And thus yoga will dwell in the hearts of every living creature. The science of yoga perfectly combines in itself modern trends for freedom because one of its primary goals is moksha or absolute freedom.

We have started plenty of different yoga projects. Until today almost none of them were ever attempted to accomplish.

Here are some links that will help you know better what we do. You are most welcome to participate.

Free internet yoga courses at You can study yoga from scratch. You can study 38 kinds of yoga on more than 50 kinds of courses. Beginning from basic kinds of yoga like hatha, kriya, mantra, and pranayama yoga you can further study rare and secret kinds of yoga like rita, laya, kundalini, jnana, bhakti, nyasa, nada, raja, yantra and the list goes on and on.

You can find out more about International Open Yoga University here. IOYU provides 4-year educational plan for those who want to explore every nook and corner of ancient yoga and not just barely scratch the surface. We want to revive ancient yoga practices and build a big community of co-minded spiritually-oriented people who will shed the light of ancient wisdom for everyone. Also you can learn about IOYU here.

Also, take part in Asanas in Ancient Manuscripts here