Alexander Pauwels

The Gym

My goal is to help 1,000,000 people achieve their ideal physique in the next 10 years. I focus on body (re)composition, specifically on fat loss, muscle gain, increased energy and increased health. I also help athletes and fitness enthusiasts increase their strength, performance and recovery.

I’m a professional dieter. In other words, I’ve done nearly every diet or nutritional protocol that’s around to test its efficacy. I tested these diets to understand where my clients came from both physically and emotionally.

And, what drives me? Likely a relentless passion to accomplish something more in life than just the ordinary. I used to be unhealthier and overweight myself, though the bigger driver is being able to leave behind something and inspire others by doing something greater than just me.

And I suppose knowing the fact that I have all the tools and knowledge and energy to make it happen. I accept zero BS from others and even less so from myself. Boredom does not exist in my life :) I could go on for ages. Another important factor is that I find this fun, I love building something up and seeing it grow, its like a game, and the points you win are the lives you transform or inspire - can't think of a better game in this life to be honest!

I design my lifestyle around this completely. I do what I want to do, when I want to do, for who I want to, where I want to, with who I want - and I live this lifestyle 7/7 :) ALL those motivational quotes I post on going after what you want, taking risks, going further - I take them very seriously ;-)

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