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Alexander Perfilyev

Moscow, Russia

A sound engineer, a producer, a musician.
Alexander studied at The Saratov Musical College (now The Saratov Regional College of Arts) and The Gnessin Russian Academy of Music . He’s been a sound and mix engineer for more than 15 years. He succeeded in a large number of styles, from indie to metal, from hip-hop to dubstep, from folk to jazz and etc. He worked with such artists as: Elka, Adaen, L'one, Smoky Mo, Nel, Timati, Jars, Mad Pilot, Sayanara, Salvador, Loc Dog, Artur Berkut, The Cats, Eteri Beriashvili, Deform and many others. Many releases got the higher stages of the different music charts and took the first places on (in) sales (e.g., the "Sputnik" LP of L'one and the "Aftercare" LP of #Dropsydies on iTunes). Alexander is among the few proven mastering specialists of Russia. He also works in 5.1, including the film industry, in particular, he worked for «The Black Lightning» (2010) , «The Stone» (2012), «The Phantom» (2012), and many others.