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Alexander Lee

Talent Development & Organization in Hong Kong

I am confident in my potentials in management level, because I have a strong belief that - the values I possess and my personailities is what needed for a Senior Management of any discipline. Though my apparent shortcoming would be the lacking foundation knowledge and the insufficient experience, which I am learning and gaining day-by-day.

I have been exposed in different disciplines and contexts over the years - Talent Management in Banking and Finance, Legal & Compliance, Conglomerates and Commodities, Marketing and Media, FMCG and TMT; worked temporary in Logisitics and Warehousing, Sports and Recreation; studied in Industrial Design, Commerce and Accounting, Science, Computer and Mathematics; living in a multicultural environment all along (brought up and currently in Hong Kong and 6 years previously in Sydney Australia).

I am working myself professionally towards a Senior Management in HR/Operation/Project function, where I can utilize my strength in people/resources management.

I am a proactive strategic person, strong at coordination and organising; from plan, implement to follow through; attentive and reliable, highly logical and objective, meticulous and dedicate on business matters. Crave and cherish every learning opportunity available with high learning capacity.

I appreciate and believe in arts and creations, thus I am at the same time seeking opportunity to incorporate my interest into the professional context.

  • Work
    • Talent Management
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Industrial Design