Iskandar RAFEH

Architect and Designer in Marseille, France

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Architect with more than 8 years experience in urban and architectural design.

Two master degrees in architectural design and in urban planning.

since I graduated in 2004 I worked in many places building my career and forming the main features that characterized my approach in architecture.

I participated in many international contests and achieved a considerable ranking that ranged from the first to the third position.

I designed and built different types of private projects in Syria and UAE that differ in size, style and function such as residential, mixed-use, commercial, hotels, public buildings and offices.

I practiced to lead a team of designers and to manage the process of the project since the first sketch until the tender drawings.

besides of the vast knowledge I have in designing and following projects, I have an excellent experience in coordinating and submittals process, including the different departements and the different requirements at all levels. (structural, MEP, municipalities and services approval authorities...etc).