Alexander Raichenok

Musician, Artist, and Project Manager in Brasília, DF, Brasil

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Originally from Latvia, Alexander is a one of the most versatile sax players in baltics now. Alexander began his musical journey at the age of 5, when his parents encouraged him to study the piano. Soon thereafter, his innate musical ability began to emerge and by age 13 he started to play alto sax. In 1998, he relocated to Vilnius, Lithuania and steadily gained attention as one of the "Young Jazz Lions" of the country. Since 2001 Alex actively participate almost in every major jazz venue around the Batic States. Alex constantly performs with most popular jazz and pop bands and in Lithuania live on the stage and in the studio as well. He was collaborating with Estonian saxophone professor - Villu Veski, taking part in his project "Primitive Music Society". Also he had played with Latvian and Russian Mega-PopStar - Laima Vaikule.