Alexander Reynaert

Belgium, Kortrijk

My name is Alexander Reynaert, I live in Belgium in a small city in the region of West-Flanders.

In 2010 I graduated as a bachelor New Media & Communication Technology with largest understanding at the Academy of West-Flanders (HOWEST), department of Kortrijk, Belgium. During my higher school education, I have developed different applications, together with 2 other students I have created SurFacebook: Facebook and YouTube on the Microsoft Surface. I’ve created also with a collegue student ‘Knappe Koppen’, an interactive quiz game, created for events organised by HOWEST. Knappe Koppen was nominated for Innovation Awards 2010, and obtained the second place.

Since september 2010, I work as a .NET Technical Consultant @ RealDolmen, one of Belgium’s biggest ICT companies. I develop applications on different .NET technologies but I have a main focus on the webstack but I follow up the new developments of client- & mobile app development. Feel free to contact me with your suggestions and questions.

You can find me also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Work
    • Technical Consultant .NET
  • Education
    • New Media & Communication Technologie