Alexander Ronalds

Alexander Rivan Ronalds is a gaming executive, producer, and entrepreneur currently living in Beijing, China. He is currently the COO and Executive Producer at Balanced Worlds, a free to play gaming company specializing in AAA quality socially connected games. A veteran of the F2P and micro-transaction space, Alexander now is now developing next generation games from the Balanced Worlds headquarter office.

In 2006 Alexander moved to the Middle Kingdom to manage game development for social gaming startup, GameHub inc., which built one of the first social gaming platforms. During his time at the company, the company was acquired by Boonty Games, an early pioneer in the digital distribution of video games, and the project launched globally as Café.com. Boonty rebranded to Weka Entertainment and ultimately listed publicly on the NYSE (ALWEK).

Following Boonty, Alexander went to work for a VC backed game developer Possibility Space producing their flagship product, Warrior Epic. In May 2009, Warrior Epic launched across the United States and Europe, in seven different languages and through three different publishers; including France Telecom.

Most recently Alexander was the Founder of and CEO of Argine Consulting where he worked with top Asian developers improving their production pipelines and Western publishers looking to enter the Asian markets. Most notably consulting on the final stages of development of High Noon for the iPhone, which made it to the #1 most downloaded application spot on the United States iTunes store in May of 2011 as well as winning many awards.

Alexander also sits on the advisory board for VC-backed Kooky Panda which makes social mobile browser games in HTML5 for global distribution.

Alexander is a graduate of the University of Southern California and speaks English, French, and intermediate Mandarin. An experienced game development Producer, Alexander finds nothing more interesting than building high quality products leveraging his extensive experience in distributed development, SCRUM methodology, and team building.