Alexander Rosenberg

Director in Berlin, Deutschland

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I am an undaunted and a diligent leader, I believe in working hard and working smart to achieve the desired result. For one to be a great leader, one must have been a great follower. I have served, worked with various people from different backgrounds. It is the reason why I can work efficiently as a team member and as well as a great team leader. I ensure every task is successfully accomplished. My load of experiences both as a military personnel and a civilian has trained me to be independent, fast thinker, and problem solver.


1967-1975 in the Middle School 21 in (Zhytomyr)

Professional education: 1975-1978 College of Civil Engineering (Zhytomyr)

In 1988, I enrolled in German language courses to add to my language skills (1988-1989)

2007-2010 B.A. in Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics (Berlin)

Managerial skills

- Leadership: An experienced team leader

- Influencing, leading, and delegating abilities

- Critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills

- Negotiating skills

- Ability to initiate/manage cross-functional teams and multi-disciplinary projects

- Result Oriented: Ability to achieve the target within given time

- Planning and organizing – Organizational abilities

- Excellent Communication skills

- Conflict resolution

- Adaptability (very efficient under pressure, always meet deadlines)

Language skills;

German, Russian and Ukraine

Work and occupation

As a manager, I achieved staff results by conveying job expectations such as planning, coaching, monitoring, coordinating, and evaluating job results, instructing employees on company’s procedures, systems, productivity standards and policies.

1978-1979 Military service for a regular term- I was a full time standing soldier for 12 months

1979-1980 Military service in the Afghanistan War

1980-1984 I worked as an operator for landing of aircraft (Moscow)

1984-1988 I became a manager of sale at the Liquor Enterprise of Zhytomyr

1999 I was employed as a heavy load driver

1999-2001 long-haul trucker over all the Europe for Aktros GmbH (Berlin)

2001-2007 I was employed as the general manager in Alros GmbH. (it is an enterprise for logistics and trade of fruits and vegetables)

2010-2013 Procurist(manager) in Inter-Corp GmbH. Berlin

2013-2017 I worked as a

  • Work
    • IQ-Corporate Capital B.V.