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Alexander Russell Berger

Steamboat springs

Alexander grew up in the health conscious community of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He began cooking at restaurants at the age of 15 and after working in several different local restaurants for over five years, Alex was greatly discouraged by the food these establishments served. He was determined to find a cooking school that emphasized natural whole foods nutrition. In 2010, Alex attended Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Natural Culinary arts in Boulder, CO; a school at the forefront of holistic nutrition and health promoting & therapeutic culinary arts.

After receiving certifications in both culinary arts in 2011 and nutrition education in 2012, Alex returned to Steamboat Springs and began working on a local organic farm, Elkstone Farm. At Elkstone, Alex learned what it really takes to grow food, the true nature of sustainability, and the immensely important relationship between farmer and consumer that is missing from many of our lives. In addition to managing the kitchen at Elkstone Farm, Alex began spreading his love of food and nutrition through his services as a Personal Chef, specializing in rustic whole food cuisine, and as a Nutrition Educator, working with individuals and teaching free classes to develop personalized health strategies to overcome various conditions and meet life goals through nutrition and healthy living.

In August of 2013 Alex fulfilled his dream of living and working in the borough of Manhattan, in New York City, when he opened NOSH, NOURISH, REPEAT; a personal chef and nutrition business aimed at helping people heal their bodies, minds, and souls through diet and lifestyle

Alex's approach to nutrition is based on Dr. Ed Bauman's Eating 4 Health model, which champions a plant-based diet that is complemented with organic pasture-raised animal products. The Eating 4 Health strategy is composed of seasonal, organic, local, and unprocessed foods, with an emphasis on including booster foods like herbs, spices, and sea vegetables. Alex also believes that ancestry can play a major role in determining a diet well suited for each persons unique bio-idividuality and that all health strategies should be as personalized as possible.

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