Alexander Tabolsky

Alexander Tabolsky

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After completing my first year at Pepperdine Law, I am very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to serve as an Administration and Legal Intern for the St. Louis Rams this summer. Since I was a young boy, I have had a deep passion for sports, and I have dreamed of working in the sports and entertainment business.

At Pepperdine Law, I have worked hard on developing my research and writing skills. I have worked as a legal intern in the Television division of Sony Pictures Entertainment where I performed a wide range of research, administrative and writing assignments. My professional experience also includes directing the painting of over 30 households at the ripe age of 20 years old. I not only hired, trained and managed fifteen employees; I walked door-to-door meeting homeowners to drum up their business and to sign agreements that would increase the beauty and value of their homes. I worked hard to earn the trust and respect of all the families I worked for, and I brought in more than $80,000 in revenue for the year.

I have learned the value and power of hard work and treating people with respect and dignity. I know that my dedication to succeed, in combination with the strong research and writing skills I am developing at Pepperdine Law, will be valuable to any organization.